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Hudson, Ohio (PRWEB) August 02, 2012


SGM Games™, a mobile application developer of funny games, launched Checkpoint Madness HD for the iPad®, the first of its kind, full-scale TSA simulation game that puts players in charge of managing airport security with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. Checkpoint Madness was developed to entertain TSA personnel, travelers and gamers fired-up about airport security through a real-life, yet humorous, simulation of the airport security checkpoint process.

Checkpoint Madness provides hours of addictive open gameplay with the objective of redirecting as many passengers to their appropriate screening areas as possible amidst all of the distractions – hilarious customizable airport announcements, spotting terrorists, spotting weapons in the x-ray scanners and much more. The game offers an interactive tutorial and three levels of difficulty with the speed and number of passengers increasing at each level.

“This game is entertaining and challenging,” said Lori Gil, writer at “Protecting the airport from potential threats is harder than you think."

In a world where games are becoming alarmingly more violent for a younger and younger audience, SGM Games celebrates the mantra, “If it’s funny we’ll develop it.” The timing couldn’t be any better as described by Warren Spector, veteran designer for Disney® Interactive Studios at this year’s E3 gaming conference – “The ultraviolence has to stop. We have to stop loving it.” Checkpoint Madness HD does just that for the entire family, bringing the fun back to gaming within a touchy and sensitive government issue.

“As a joke, I started selling “The Official TSA Groping Guide” t-shirts on the Internet and sales went wild,” said Gary Nunley, Jr., Commander and Chief of SGM Games. “I saw a need and an opportunity to capitalize on humor relating to airport security and created CheckPoint Madness HD to add an entertainment value to an otherwise serious topic. With the hundreds of thousands expected to fly in and out of London’s Heathrow International Airport over the next few weeks, we wanted to give Olympic ® revelers a hint of what they may be in for. There’s nothing like long lines, grouchy travelers and aggressive airport security personnel to cap off a festive event like the Olympics.”



Checkpoint Madness HD

is available for download on the iPad® for $1.99 at the Apple® iTunes® store accessible from
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