Checkpoint Madness HD, Checkpoint Madness Lite


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Checkpoint Madness HD and Checkpoint Madness Lite put you behind the controls and lets you control the action airport Security Checkpoint. This fast pace fast moving game allows you to direct passengers thru the 'Groping Line', 'Naked Scanner', and the 'Metal Detector', while also keeping an eye out for threats going through the baggage belt monitors, keeping passengers out of the way of other passengers, searching for potential terrorist, and aprehending terrorist who cause the alarms to sound.

"Checkpoint Madness HD by SGM Games is a fast-paced arcade style iPad game that puts you in the role of a TSA agent. Instead of getting angry about having to wait in long lines, remove your shoes and throw away your brand new bottle of lotion, see how hard it is to keep the world safe from possible threats."

- App Advice

"...this game is laugh out loud funny as you get announcements played out over the airport speakers and a lot are near the knuckle but so funny you may well ,wet yourself."

- iPhone Gamer UK