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About SGM Games

Who we are and how we got here is what makes us awesome. SGM Games is a mobile software development company started by two brothers, Gary and David Nunley. We started with an idea in January 2011, and over the next year and a half began developing and fine tuning that idea. SGM Worldwide LLC our parent company, has sold products in over 130 countries around the world, and has been featured by numerous news organizations for our ability to create content for mass distribution that captures public attention. Our focus is in mobile application development, and our passion pushes us to be the best at what we do. Whether it is games, or resource software, we want to develop it.

We are Mobile Application Developers

We develop iOS applications for mobile devices and tablets.

We are Mobile Marketers

Opportunities abound to advertise, sponsor and prominently display your company logo or branding within our applications.

Advertise with us!

Place your advertisement directly in our app. Your brand will be visible to thousands of viewers.

Call: 1-877-577-7123

To learn more about advertising opportunities.

Contact us today, to see your idea brought to life!

App Development Made Simple as 1,2.3.



We develop Android applications for mobile devices and tablets.

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